Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BYU graduation

This year has definitely been a big one! I got married in January and graduated from Brigham Young University in April! I can't believe how fast the last four years have gone by. I finished my classes in December so the graduation "feeling" was a little drug out, but it was still a sweet moment to OFFICIALLY be done. Graduation was even sweeter because my parents were there. I love any opportunity I have to spend time with my mom. It was a special feeling graduating alongside my sister and brother-in-law too.

It was a little sunny!
It was fun to have us four together. Brock and I have been friends since my freshman year and we introduced Shelby and Trygve :)
It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from high school. It's crazy to think I'm going to be in California this weekend watching my brother graduate. When I first got to BYU I didn't know how it would ever top the great time I had in high school, but was I wrong! I'm a very sentimental person and I love looking back on my time at BYU. I'm truly blessed for the experiences I've had, the love I've shared, the incredible friends I've made, the lessons I've learned, and for the moments that will always make me smile. I'll cherish them forever.


  1. This makes me so happy Whitney! I can't believe how fast our time in college flew by, it seems like we just barely got there. Love you and miss you!!

  2. So glad I moved into Alpine Village and we got to be good friends and be roommates for a semester! love all the graduation pictures, you are so beautiful!