Friday, September 14, 2012

labor day in vegas

Vegas has seemed to be the central meeting spot for my family of late, as it's halfway between my family's two locations. We missed Mike over the weekend, but had an amazing time, as always. I'm so blessed to have such a FUN family. There is never a dull moment, especially with Steele running around and making us all laugh.

We stayed at Mandalay Bay, we love their pool! It was perfect for the hot weather. We had fun riding our the waves in the wave pool.

Yes. This is what my brother looks like... when he's NOT flexing. Man I wish I had his 'problem'.

It was Trygve's birthday the week before so we celebrated at Capital Grille. It was so good! Steele loved his lobster!

My brothers are the best! They may be five years apart but they are so close. Steele looks up to Chad so much. It's the sweetest thing.

On the way home Shelby picked up some shock tarts, or shockers, or whatever they're called (I forgot how good those things are!) and was making the FUNNIEST faces! She couldn't help it... and I
couldn't help laughing.

Here's to another amazing weekend with my family! Thanks mom!

And can you believe how nice Steele is.. he gave me his iPad! Last time I was at home he noticed that I was playing on it a lot and so he wanted to give it to me. How lucky am I to have him as my brother!