Friday, June 27, 2014

five months

A couple pictures NOT from my iphone of Paxton when he was five months old. We were in the middle of moving so I didn't get my camera out as much as I would have liked.

paxton: six months

paxton at six months (april 4)

You turned six months old on april 4! I can't even believe it has already been HALF a year! Don't grow up. Stay my baby forever! During the last month (when you were five months old):
  • You got pretty sick at the beginning of march. It was so sad! You had a terrible cough and didn't sleep good.
  • After you got better, you were back to sleeping 10 hours a night but started wanting a bottle again in the middle of the night. 
  • You're still my little talker.
  • You love to eat your toes and hold you legs straight up in the air. You're our little rollie pollie.
  • You're finally getting a little chunkier!
  • You LOVE your rice cereal now (we first introduced it right before you turned 5 months old but stopped when you were sick, you weren't interested in it)! You still spill about half the bowl, but every time you see the spoon coming you stick your tongue right out.
  • Bath time is your favorite! You love to splash and splash and stare at yourself in the mirror. You could spend all day in the bath. 
  • You still will eat anything and everything in your sight! Mostly my phone haha
  • You wake up between 7-8 each morning. Perfect baby!
  • You bounce so high and so hard in your bouncer. You're going to bounce right on out of it!
  • You sit up so good by yourself.
  • You can move around on the floor. Not forward yet, but you spin in circles!
  • You still love touching people's faces and putting your hands in our mouths.
  • You laugh so hard when we throw you in the air or kiss your tummy.
  • You like to stand on our laps.
  • You went through a little spurt where you just wanted to be held and played with constantly, but you're back to being ok with playing by yourself sometimes too.
  • You like to sit up in your car seat.
  • Your preferred method of communication is growling :) you and dad growl at each other. You growl at strangers and they always give me the funniest look.
  • You still like to blow spit bubbles with your lips!
  • You wrestle with my arm when I'm changing your diaper.
  • You try to eat my face. Literally. You suck on my cheeks and put your mouth on my nose and ears. You like my arms too.
  • You rest a lot. When you are on the floor you will be looking around and then all of a sudden lay your head on the floor. It's cute. (Yes, everything you do is cute!)
  • You can feed yourself your bottle! But I still do most of the time because I like to :)

I’m sitting on the bed watching you sleep. You bring me so much peace and happiness. I love when you are awake, but there is something so beautiful about you when you sleep. I see perfection in you. You are gentle. You are kind. You are loving. You are funny! You are goofy. You make me laugh. You are full of energy and life. You are my boy, and you always will be. You have such a strong personality. You love to laugh and have fun! You are so content playing by yourself too. You let me do so much and are just perfectly happy sitting on the bed. When we have to go do errands for hours you are just my happy baby the whole time. You just sit patiently and wait for me. How did I get so lucky? I want to give you the whole world. My love for you grows stronger every day. But I don’t know how I could love you more than I do right now! My heart could explode with the love I have you for you my boy. Thank you for being my everything.

^ This was when dad babysat you and needed to get some work done on his computer haha ^

^ Your new thing: putting your leg up when eating ^

^ Watching monsters inc at costco ^

^ taking a "break" ^

^ You like to try to drink your bottle sitting up ^

^ Golfing with dad in the backyard ^

^ You LOOOOOVE my water bottle and always steal it from me ^

^ You try to feed yourself ^

^ I always catch you talking to Bumbo (the big elephant) ^

^ Making faces at himself in the reflection of the mirror ^
I don't ever want you to grow up but I will admit, each day you get more fun! How did I get so lucky?!

four months old

I love this baby boy so much. He's my little buddy and best friend. Some pictures (not from my iphone) from four months old.

vegas and california (feb)

In February we went to Vegas for SCI (Safari Convention International). I might not be quite as interested as Mike is in it, but it's still really fun to look around at all the cool stuff! Vegas is definitely a lot different with a baby but Paxton did great and we had fun. We were there for a couple plans that me and Paxton caught a ride on the plane with my grandparents to Santa Maria for a couple days at home with my family. We had fun playing with grandma ranae and uncle steele!

^ Chillin watching cartoons ^

^ Grandma let Paxton pick out whatever jammies he wanted and he couldn't keep his eyes off these dino ones :) ^

^ It doesn't get any cooler than this ^

^ Just staring out at the world ^

^ my little man ^

^ this guy flies in style - private plane, don't mind if we do! ^

^ on the way home we lucked out with an entire row to ourselves ^