Tuesday, December 11, 2012

come what may and love it

My brother had to write something for a class that inspired people to act or think in a certain way. This is his story.

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In November of 2000, five months after I turned six years old, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer involving the immune system. I still remember, but I’ve enlisted my mom to help share my story.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

coming to a close

I can't believe we're one game away from the end of football season. It seems like just yesterday was fall camp. And yet, when you really think about it, it seems like an eternity ago. Why is it always like that? It's so weird! I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with the team this past year.

Here's a look back...
fall camp


Better late than never for a Thanksgiving post, right? The weather starts to cool down in Provo and that's Mike's sign it's time to pack our bags. Nov. 2 marked our first adventure as we jetted off to... LONDON! It honestly was a dream come true for me. I'll hopefully get around to posting pictures this week. After a short two weeks back in Provo we headed to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving with my family. Two and a half weeks later (this Thursday) we'll be off to Maui before wrapping up Christmas at my house in California. I love all our travels! But January rolls around and it's nice to be in one place :)

For Thanksgiving, we got together with my dad's family for my Papa's (AND his twin sister's) 90th birthday! It was great to see my dad's side because we rarely are able to anymore. It was neat that every member of both families was there to celebrate at the big birthday bash. Happy Birthday Papa!