Friday, September 27, 2013

baby shower

My amazing sister Shelby (with help from my mother-in-law and a couple incredible friends) threw me the BEST baby shower! I was in the hospital the day before so I was grateful to be able to make an appearance at the party :) Thank you so much to everyone who made my night so special!

The cutest elephant cookies I have EVER seen! Thank you Shelby!!
My sexy sister Shelby!
We had so much yummy food - topped off with a frozen yogurt bar! My favorite!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

pregnancy update: weeks 34-37

Week 34

 I have three words for you. Heartburn. Heartburn. Heartburn. 

No more cough! (for the most part)

Baby boy is head-down.

I'm out of breath a lot. It's embarrassing.

I'm sleeping ok. Some nights I toss and turn a ton. But I did notice two nights that I didn't wake up once!

Baby boy is getting bigger. I can tell I'm slowing down a lot. My belly is weighing me down!

I'm still hungry all the time, but I can't eat as big of portions. I feel sick from eating [sometimes].

My feet aren't swollen anymore. I think it's because I stay off of them a lot more than I was before.

Week 35

Well... this week was interesting! I woke up Tuesday and had a little scare (I'll save the gory details) so I called my doctor just to be safe, thinking worst-case situation they would have me come into the office for a check-up. Nope! I was told to hurry to Labor and Delivery. I knew I wasn't in labor, but was just worried about baby boy. I called Mike on my way to the hospital (he was in Florida and wasn't coming home until late that night) and told him that everything was ok and not to worry, but that I was driving to the hospital, and told him the story. You could tell he was a little in shock and didn't know what to do or say! I reassured him I wasn't going into labor and he wasn't going to miss his first son being born :) Mike's cousin works as a nurse at the hospital so it was nice having her there to keep me company! They just hooked me up to the monitor for a couple of hours to watch his heartbeat and my contractions (that I didn't know I was having - why can't they stay painless forever!?). They didn't want to check to see if I was dilated because they didn't want to kick-start any labor and wanted my uterus to "settle down". After about four hours, they finally let me go home and said my body had started the process of labor, that my uterus was extremely irritable (based on the pretend contractions I was having - I can't call them real just yet because I know when I really start having them they are going to HURT), that I could go into labor any day up to a couple weeks, and to take it easy. Crisis averted!

After watching the monitor and seeing when I was having contractions/Braxton Hicks, it's been a lot easier for me to recognize them. Some days I have quite a few, other days I don't recognize any. Some are painful, some don't hurt at all.

My body is definitely starting to get more and more uncomfortable as each day passes.

It's crazy to feel him move around my stomach... still after all this time. It's getting pretty dang tight in there so every time he moves, my entire stomach moves. You can see him move his arms and legs across my stomach. Sometimes when I'm resting my arms on my belly, he pushes against me and my arms will move up and down haha he's a ball full of energy!

We got most of all our baby stuff finally! The nurse at the hospital asked me if I was ready for a baby and I said "Yes I can't wait to meet him!" and she replied, "No, are you READY to have him. Do you have everything you need." We decided it was probably time to go get some things :) Mike spoiled his baby (and me) and got just about everything we need. It made me feel a lot better! I like being overly prepared so it was killing me not having everything (or anything for that matter haha) ready. After months of looking online, it was fun to finally go buy things. Thank you Mike!! He helped me put together the bigger nursery items also. I could hang out in there forever! It's crazy to imagine a baby in the crib.

My sister also threw a baby shower for me this week! I will write about it with pictures in another post.

The week kept getting better and better, after the somewhat rough start, and I "worked" my last BYU football game. (More on my final BYU days before my baby adventure later) It was so fun seeing these friends of mine that I hadn't seen in so long!

Week 36

Here come the weekly doctor appointments! To everyone's surprise (according to the hospital incident at least),  I'm not dilated at all. So here's to another few weeks of the bun in the oven! Mike came with me to my appointment and when we left he said "I'm kindof bummed." Someone is getting excited for his baby boy to get here :)

I wake up, without fail, between 3:30-4 every morning. My bathroom trips are becoming more frequent during the night.

I've started to noticed a lot more pressure on my bladder and down below, so I start thinking that maybe he's dropping and getting lower. But whenever I think that,  I'll get a nice big kick to the ribs. Either he's not getting any lower or he's taking after his dad and is one looooong little dude.

My wedding ring is off :( I can still get it on but my fingers swell up at random times during the day and I don't want to risk it getting stuck!

Still no stretch marks! Keep those fingers crossed!

Week 37 - FULL TERM!

Still no progress at the doctor appointment. Where are you baby boy?!

He's feeling lower and lower and it's having a severe effect on my bladder!

Some days I have so much energy and others I'm incredibly tired and don't want to move.

Hello outie belly button! Yikes. I feel like I went through a growth spurt this week. I feel so much bigger than I was before. My bump is a lot more pronounced and sticks out a lot further!

I have completely LIVED off cereal this week.

Mike has been so dang sweet and got me another prenatal massage - it was heaven!

I've been going on a lot of long walks to hopefully "walk" this baby out of me!

Mike took me to my first football game in three years as a true "fan" on Saturday. It was fun sitting in the stands, especially with Mike, but I will secretly always miss being up in the box.

I still can't believe that we will be parents so soon. Even if I go the "full time," he will be here before we know it. Less than 2 weeks until I'm 40 weeks! My little niece told me on Sunday that our baby has been in my tummy "FOOOORREEEVVEEEER" and I couldn't agree with her more :) And yet at the same time, part of this STILL feels so surreal. I look down at my now very large bump, and feel him move, and can't believe I actually have a baby in me. It's truly a miracle. I've started writing my baby boy short letters that are more personal to me. I look at my little (I've got to stop saying that since they are both bigger than me now!) brothers and my heart wants to explode with how much I love them. I can't imagine the love I will have for my little boy. I will always hope to have a girl someday, but I am beyond grateful for boys and am so happy that he will be my first.