Wednesday, August 1, 2012

forever family

I'm so grateful that I'll be with my family forever.

So happy Chad is here, but not sure how I feel about these sprint workouts!
Saturday morning football game
Snow cones are our favorite
DARK KNIGHT - so good
He loved riding my bike everywhere :)
Second time last week the sisters wore the same outfit on accident haha

Dinner at Happy Sumo
Watching Mike's flag football game
Fun day at Seven Peaks
Never want to let this guy go!
Because my family lives in California, it was such a treat to be with them for the past month. We spent a weekend in Vegas before a week at Powell, followed by two and a half weeks in Provo. I'm so grateful that I didn't have to say bye to Chad (he's starting BYU in a month), but already miss my sweet mom and Steele. They are the most fun people to be with in the world! I'm jealous of all the parties those two are going to have :) Thanks mom for making the month of July one of my best! I wish they lived in Provo with the rest of us, but am beyond blessed to have my brother and sister right next door. There's nothing like family.