Thursday, October 10, 2013

pregnancy update: weeks 38 & 39

Week 38

Still no progress at my weekly appointment... dang it!

I had a feeling I'd have him this weekend (end of 38/beginning of 39), but I was wrong and am now convinced I'll be induced at 41 weeks.

Pregnancy is finally starting to hit me. I feel exhausted. My belly is so tight I don't know how it's going to get bigger. Every time little boy moves I feel it so prominently because there's not much room left in there! I've been having bad cramps, pains and aches all over my stomach and back. I've never broken my ribs, but I think I got a taste of what it feels like this week! I almost had to pull over the car because I couldn't breathe it hurt so bad.

Still no stretch marks!

And still living off cereal!

 Mike and I have been going on walks during the evenings. It's definitely not what I use to consider "exercise" but somehow I still manage to feel tired after them now. Sometimes we go on short ones, sometimes we venture all around town and are gone forever. I love them and look forward to them because it's special time with just Mike and I before we have our baby. We spend most of the time laughing. He will always make me laugh.

Mike's latest joke is "why don't you just have the baby already??" As if I had any choice in the matter! But he can joke about whatever he wants because he got me ANOTHER prenatal message this week. He takes such good care of me. I can't wait to see him with our baby.

BELLY! I got bigger... again.

Week 39

 (At least part of it - I only made it halfway through the week. Baby boy is already here but I thought I'd finish the final week so I'm playing a little catch up.)

The weekend came and went and I finally gave up my hopes of having the baby anytime soon. At my 39 week appointment I still was barely dilated and we made plans to make plans at my next appointment to induce me the follow week (Week 41). That seemed FOREVER away but at the same time it was pretty cool to realize that no matter what, I would have a baby in two weeks.

Another frequent saying of Mike's this week was "I'm over it. We're never having a baby" haha poor guy had gotten so excited that we would have him early and then lost hope. 

Life really slowed down for me this week. Mike and I kept going on walks but my body was tired. Before Tuesday I had really kept up a semi-normal routine with getting out of the house, doing things and keeping busy. I stopped working with the BYU football team the end of August but I work(ed) part-time for Mike's dad also so I still had things to do. Tuesday was when I really noticed a change and didn't want to move (I didn't really - oops!) After another lazy day on Wednesday, I decided it was time to be productive and get some things done on Thursday. Little did I know the day would have something entirely different in store for us!

My back and stomach pain picked up a lot this week. I had little contractions here and there but nothing significant and nothing that lasted long enough to even flirt with the idea of me being in labor.

I slept good this week. Probably because I wasn't really doing anything! I'd stay up way too late with Mike and then sleep in half the day (I had to take advantage while I could! There will be no more of that!)

Still no stretch marks. I know gaining weight is normal and healthy during pregnancy but I had a goal to lose X amount or less and I'm happy that I was able to stay under that. I definitely enjoyed the foods that I wanted to but tried to not "pig out" and "let myself go" completely. I wanted to stay healthy and while I know I could have done a better job, I'm happy overall.

Another thing I don't think I'm mentioned in any of these - prenatal vitamins are amazing. My hair has always been really long and healthy (I've never dyed it), but it has only gotten better since being pregnant and has grown really fast! After a couple months of being pregnant it was down to my bum and I chopped off 4 inches. For me - that is HUGE (I hate cutting my hair). But luckily it keeps growing back! Pretty please don't let my hair fall out after the baby!!

The last two pictures of my bump. The top was taken two days before I went into the hospital.