Monday, May 13, 2013

pregnacy update: week 17 & 18

Week 17

My hair is a growing machine... add that my hair has always grown somewhat well, and that I haven't cut my hair since October (oops)... and it leaves me with hair that's almost down to the top of my butt. It currently comes all the way down to the bottom of the arch of my back. For someone that is 5'9, that's pretty long! It's time to get it cut trimmed :)

I'm not very good at "hiding" my bump. I just wear all my normal clothes and naturally they are tighter on me now. I wasn't a fan of baggy clothes before so I don't have any to cover up now! So... people are catching on that I'm pregnant. Granite they all knew I was pregnant already, but I've had a few people say they love my little bump.

I thought the above was true... until I went to lunch with my sister and she informed me that I don't look pregnant... I just look fat haha thank you Shelby!

I'm hooked on the animals they have at restoration hardware baby & child. It's bad. I think the elephants are to die for. Tell me you don't think these are amazing... they look so soft! [If you aren't a fan of elephants, they have plenty of other animals ;)] I'm having a little taste of the nesting phase already... I just want to go get a bunch of baby stuff! My mother in law got us a baby sweat outfit and a jacket and I almost started crying. It made it seem so real to picture a little baby in them!

Mike has been making me smile so much! He randomly text me this week and said, "I want to have our child already!!!"

My brother in law is on his mission and this week he wrote this in his email home to everyone... "I'm super excited for little ___. I think about him everyday. We will be close. I already love the little guy! (won't be little for long)" I got tears in my eyes. He is going to have some amazing uncles to look up to! [I took baby's name out for now :)]

The week started off not so great. Without getting into it because it's a long story, I tend to pass out a lot. Luckily, most of the time I know when I'm about to and I can lay down and it sometimes helps me to not and the feeling goes away. I haven't had that feeling for awhile until Sunday but it wouldn't go away like it usually does. I started to feel a little nauseous too and the room was spinning. After awhile I was able to pull it together and make it to church. I think it was a little warning for what was to come...

... Things only got more interesting as the week went on. I went to LA with the BYU men's volleyball team for its run at the National Championship. Our flight was really early in the morning so I was tired and hadn't eaten much. I can get a little motion sickness at times, so when I started to feel sick as the plane was landing, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary (although it's the worst feeling!) After I walk around for awhile I always start to feel better. This time I still felt a little off. We had to take a shuttle to the rental car and there weren't any seats so I had to stand (big mistake). I started to get the "I'm going to pass out feeling" as noted above and I quickly rested my head on the luggage holder I was standing in front of. Instead of the usual couple minutes it takes to actually pass out if I'm going to, the next thing I knew I was waking up on the ground. For those of you haven't passed out, when you first wake up you are so confused as to what is going on. It's never fun to wake up and have a ton of people standing over you freaking out either. After a second or two, you realize you passed you, are incredibly embarrassed, and if you're me, try to explain that you're fine and that it's not the first time this has happened ha I sat down for awhile, gained my composure, and got in the car to drive straight to UCLA for a press conference and practice. My day just kept getting better, and I got incredibly sick in the car. Thankfully, once we got to UCLA, I got some food in me and started to feel better. Mike was so concerned and called my doctor for me while I was running around, just to be safe and make sure the baby was ok, and we got the clear. The whole day was a little blaah feeling for me, but after a good nights sleep I was back to normal the next day. What an adventure!

Week 18

After my work was done in LA, I went home for the week. There is nothing better! I was able to relax but boy did I eat whatever I wanted! I don't eat big meals, but I feel like I'm constantly eating. I'm hungry a lot!

I've been able to sleep a lot better at night lately. I still wake up most nights, but I'm able to quickly fall back asleep. My trips to the bathroom have significantly decreased too!

I'm showing more and more by the day. There's not much hiding this bump. Every now and then I'll have a little double-take in the mirror and freak out. I saw a picture of me before and it definitely made me excited to get back in shape. But I'm happy to be growing because I'm getting a pretty big present out of it!

Note to self: Be in really good shape BEFORE you get pregnant. I just about die every time I go to the gym. Between not being able to breathe and my heart feeling like it's going to explode out of my chest, it's a little depressing.

I'm tall to begin with, and add a rapidly growing belly, and I'm started to realize just how important extra long shirts are! All my "normal" shirts are starting to get shorter and shorter on me.

When I was younger I use to get car sick a lot.... being pregnant, it's starting to come back a little.

I got another bad headache this week. But overall, they've gotten so much better than early on.

No food cravings really and there's nothing that sounds gross to me. I've noticed I've been liking cereal a lot, but I always have :)

I'm just hanging in there and getting more and more excited! I've had dreams about holding my baby boy and get so excited! I'm just a couple days shy of 20 weeks as I write this and can't believe that I'm almost halfway! Oct. 7 seems so far away but I know it will be here before we know it.