Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my instagram list

If you have instagram, you know about the "things that people don't know about me" that is going around. I decided that it was kind of dumb [for no reason at all] and that I wasn't going to do it just because everyone else was. In reality, I'm probably the lame one for not doing it, but I can be stubborn [see below!] and didn't want to cave. So... I'm just going to make a random little list on here :)

1. I love writing. Keeping a journal is a wonderful thing and does so much good. I'm not the most consistent, but my journals are prized possessions of mine. I figure a blog is a good way to keep track of things to look back on.
2. I love my family more than life itself. They are the best people and friends I could ever hope to know and have.
3. Mike and I had quite the interesting courtship. He liked me. I thought he was a jerk. I fell for him. He was busy dating a hundred girls. He told me he loved me. I had a boyfriend. It all worked out in the end though :)
4. I use to want to be a doctor when I was a kid. That all ended when I passed out and got a concussion when I saw my brother get an IV.
5. I have a slight addition to nail polish [essie to be exact]. Every time I go into the drug store, Target, or anywhere else with polish, I can't resist coming out with my nails painted in all different colors.
6. I love children's books. I'm nowhere near having kids yet, but I already have a little collection and am always tempted to buy them whenever I see them. I have to stop myself from going to Barnes & Noble every day and picking a few up :) 
7. When I start reading a book, I can't put it down. I read the seventh Harry Potter book in a day. All three Hunger Games books over a weekend.
8. Speaking of reading, I get really attached to characters. I cried during the last Harry Potter book. I literally feel like I grew up with them and was so sad I wouldn't be apart of their lives anymore.
9. My guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. I can't even begin to tell you how distraught I am that it's over. Long live Chuck & Blair.
10. When I make up my mind on something, I can be kind of stubborn.
11. I love to travel. I hope to see the world.
12. Disney Princesses are so dreamy. My movie collection is almost complete. My mom use to call me 'princess' when I was a little girl, and still sometimes does :)
13. Kate Middleton is my icon. Pure class.
14. I love all things glamorous. I wish I had an excuse to dress up in a pretty ball gown. Ellie Saab is stunning. The closest I'll come is my wedding dress, and I loved every minute I wore it.
15. When I laugh or smile too big, my eyes disappear. I hate when it gets captured on camera.
16. I want to be the perfect wife and mom.
17. Christmas is my favorite time of year. There is nothing better than the magic of Christmas.
18. I only drink water. But don't let that fool you, I'm not a health freak. I could never completely give up sugar. Frozen yogurt to be exact. 
19. I work out like crazy one month, take the next couple weeks off, and back and forth. I'm really working on my consistency!
20. I love the gospel more than anything. There is no greater joy or happiness in the world.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a lazy weekend

To kick off our three-day weekend I got together with some of my in-laws for a lovely lunch. It was great to see with my grandma, mother and two sisters [on Mike's side] and catch up. I hadn't spent time with them since getting back from all our holiday fun.

A large part of my weekends now consist of volleyball, which I love. With the end of college football, I'm now in full swing with the BYU men's volleyball team. We played the [former] No. 1 team in the country on Friday and it was quite the night. The Smith Fieldhouse was packed... and so dang loud. Our boys pulled through, rather easily, and topped the defending national champs. Round two was Saturday night and we swept UCSD in no time at all. I'm happy to say after four matches, I'm finally feeling confident in all my stat-keeping and monitoring abilities. And if not, I always have my four pages of step-by-step instructions for the multiple programs I have to run :)

Mike and I have been a little under the weather lately so the rest of our weekend consisted of laying low and a lot of movies [in addition to football, of course], mixed in with Red Mango runs and Monday morning waffles. I love my new Belgium waffle maker from Williams-Sonoma from my mom. Their Begium waffle mix is a must! My favorite way to fix them up is with strawberries and homemade whipped cream.

I picked up my sweet niece Gwen for a girls night and had so much fun! Although I'm not sure McKenzie is every going to let me steal away her little girl after all the sugar she ate! We stopped at 7-11 and I had a hard time saying no. Little did I know she'd eat it all... a slurpee, sour patch kids, chips ahoy, a popsicle and a doughnut later, she still said she was hungry! [I'm sorry Kenz!] To say the least, she's going to be strung out on sugar all night! She is so sweet, when we got home, Mike asked where his slurpee was and she felt so bad and said we had to go get him one :) So back in the car we went! We watched Tangled, until Rapunzel and Flynn Rider saw the floating lanterns, then she wanted to watch Pocahontas. She was pretty impressed with my collect of Disney movies [thanks mom!] Mike had to take her home before we finished the movie and I'm not sure who was more disappointed, me or her. Can't forget we had a little nail painting party! Gwen is a girl after my own heart, there's nothing better than some fun-colored nails!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

be happy. be bright. be you.

I saw this card on pinterest and fell in love with what it said. Little did I know it would continue to bring me joy as I searched for where it came from. It led me to the website Sugar Paper and I immediately wanted to buy the whole site. I was going to post a few of my favorites but decided there are way too many. Check it out and you will not be disappointed! {if you like cards, calendars, stationary, etc}. To me, there is nothing better than a handwritten thank you note.... or the reminder to be happy, be bright and be you.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

just the way you are

Mike absolutely loves techno music. It's his biggest way to de-stress. When we were dating/friends/whatever we were, he use to send me texts of lyrics. We were driving in his car one day and he said the sweetest thing to me that I will never forget. The song "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars came on and he said it was written about me. You're probably thinking that's the cheesiest thing you've ever heard. But coming from Mike, it meant everything to me (even though looking back he was probably joking haha).

There is so much competition and comparison in our lives. We look at people's clothes, trips, money, physical appearance, talents, jobs, and the lists go on and on. It's easy to be unsatisfied with what we have and want more, and even on occasion want other people's lives... For example, I love new clothes. What girl doesn't?! I'm the first to say I love looking at fashion blogs and see what fun outfits people are wearing and coming up with. But it made me realize something. Over Thanksgiving I was talking to my sister about what we wanted for Christmas. During the conversation, I kind of realized that even if I got clothes for Christmas, I was still going to want the "new" thing a couple weeks later. There is always going to be something newer and better that I see someone wearing and wish I had it. We can never be satisfied with what we have... Or maybe I'm the only one! And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with getting new clothes [I still got some for Christmas] but I just think in general my thought-process with the whole thing has gone way overboard and I need to tone it back to being happy with what I have. While it's always fun to look,  I'm happy with the things :)

There is a difference with being unsatisfied with our lives and wanting to improve, to grow and to learn - which we should all be trying to do. No one is perfect. But each person is beautiful and unique in their own way. We should all take a line from Mr. Bruno Mars and realize "you are amazing, just the way you are" (no matter how cheesy it may sound).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013: to do

I was looking through my old journal and found a list of "things to do this summer" from 2010. I loved some of the things I wrote and think they are things to always remember. I added a few more and I know the list is long, but I guess you can call this my expanded new year's resolution/goals/be a better person list...

  • Become a student of the scriptures and study them daily
  • Study the covenants I've made and our promised blessings
  • Attend the temple once a month
  • Immerse myself in good books instead of TV
  • Study past conference talks
  • Look for opportunities to serve
  • Develop my talents and find new ones
  • Decide what the next step in my career is
  • Get up and move!
  • Develop good daily patterns and habits
  • Be outgoing and more friendly
  • Always express gratitude and appreciation
  • Ask myself: is everything I'm doing bringing me closer to my Savior and helping me in my responsibilities as a future wife and future mother?
  • Work on motherly attributes - gentleness and patience
  • Write in my journal more consistently 
  • Be a better friend, make new ones, and reconnect with old ones
  • Find time to play tennis again
  • "Early to bed, early to rise"
  • Strive to have more charity
  • Always look for the good, not the bad
  • Find a new hobby
  • Be productive
  • Reestablish a healthy lifestyle
  • Live a balanced life
  • Put Mike's needs before my own
    {I could have gone on but I have to stop somewhere!}

    Pretty much in a nutshell... be a better person :)

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    chocolate sugar cookies

    Decorating sugar cookies is a staple during Christmas time. Even though the happiest time of year has come and gone, I thought I'd share this recipe because it was so good!

    the non-chocolate version

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    A look back: 2012

    2012 was a busy, crazy, exciting and amazing year for Mike & I. Here's a look back:

    January: We got married!!! Then visited Kauai for our honeymoon

    February: Celebrated our friend's birthday with ice skating in Sun Valley and dinner and a show in Vegas

    March: One of the only two months we didn't leave Utah!

    Saturday, January 12, 2013


    The Weekes have the best Christmas tradition - HAWAII! Mike wanted to visit a friend he hadn't seen in awhile so on our way to Maui we stopped in Oahu for two days. It was great meeting Mike's longtime friend Harrison Horn and his beautiful wife and sweet baby girl Holland.


    While we were in London, we took a day trip to Paris! I was in heaven. Paris is magical! I wish we could have stayed longer but am so grateful just to have been able to experience the dreamy city. Everywhere you look there is something else taking your breath away. Unfortunately, my camera card broke so I couldn't take pictures the second half of the day! I was so sad but grateful that I could get the ones of my camera that I did that (read more below for more pictures). London was like a second home, but Paris was a dream. It was all I ever imagine and much more.


    Shelby, Mike and I met my grandparents in London to fulfill my lifelong dream. The only problem is now I want to go back more than ever :)

    I literally cannot even explain how much I love London. When I first found out we were going to Europe, I wanted to travel all over. London was definitely not at the top of my list. However, because we were there with my grandparents, we stayed in London with a day trip to Paris mixed in. I was sorely wrong and quickly fell in love with London. It feels like a home away from home and somewhere I want to visit again and again.

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    merry & bright

    After an amazing trip to Maui, we spent Christmas with my family in California. It was perfect to get the best of both worlds this year. I'll say it over and over, there is no place like home, especially during the holidays. This one was bittersweet because it will be the last we spend with my brother Chad before he goes on his mission this summer. [half my pictures were taken on my phone, hence the bad quality!]

    happy birthday

    Happy [late] birthday to my better half! He turned 28 on New Year's Eve.

    There is no better way to ring in a new year, or birthday, than with him. I can't believe it's our third together.