Saturday, January 12, 2013


While we were in London, we took a day trip to Paris! I was in heaven. Paris is magical! I wish we could have stayed longer but am so grateful just to have been able to experience the dreamy city. Everywhere you look there is something else taking your breath away. Unfortunately, my camera card broke so I couldn't take pictures the second half of the day! I was so sad but grateful that I could get the ones of my camera that I did that (read more below for more pictures). London was like a second home, but Paris was a dream. It was all I ever imagine and much more.

Hanging out in Hermes


  1. Great photos! My husband and I went to London in November and took 3 days in Paris while we were there. I felt similar-- London was like home to me, but Paris as amazing to visit!

  2. Beautiful photos, especially the one in front of the Eiffel Tower!! Newest follower :)


  3. WONDERFULLLLL photos! Paris Rocks, nice blog!