Saturday, January 12, 2013


Shelby, Mike and I met my grandparents in London to fulfill my lifelong dream. The only problem is now I want to go back more than ever :)

I literally cannot even explain how much I love London. When I first found out we were going to Europe, I wanted to travel all over. London was definitely not at the top of my list. However, because we were there with my grandparents, we stayed in London with a day trip to Paris mixed in. I was sorely wrong and quickly fell in love with London. It feels like a home away from home and somewhere I want to visit again and again.

It was so fun to see old friends of ours. They have visited us a number of times here in the U.S. but we were so happy to finally meet up where they live. One of our friends is the President of Purdey so we spent some time in their store. They outfit the Royal Family and Shelby and I were SOOO disappointed when we found out Kate Middleton was in the store getting fitted for a new gun the day before we were there. We had to settle for seeing a piece of her wedding cake that the Royal Family gave to Purdeys.

We shopped till we dropped on Boon and Regent St., stuffed our faces with the yummiest food, drove around in the best taxi cabs in the world, marveled at the architecture (during the trip Mike kept commenting, "why can't the U.S. be cool like this?!"), and so much more. We explored the greatest city and saw all the historic places its famous for. We practically lived in Harrods (super convenient that we stayed one block away). We watched James Bond (it made it even that much better because we were in London). Saw Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Scrooge, and I can say my life is forever changed. We grocery shopped where the Queen does, at Fortnum and Mason, in the fanciest grocery store ever. Hung out in London's own Time Square (Piccadilly Circus). Saw the Christmas lights on Oxford Street (Because they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, London was already in full Christmas spirit!). Visited Selfridges (although Harrods wins hands down). Bought antiques at Portabellas. Rode the double-decker red buses. And of course saw the Kardashians walk the red carpet for their new line in Dorothy Perkins. 

I'm so happy my sister was there with me! She made the trip even better and I was grateful to have a picture buddy :) I wish I would have written everything down when we were there because my head is spinning just trying to recap the best trip of my life. Here are some of the many pictures we took.

Mike may have brought more stuff than me ;)

Flying in style! New Zealand Air is the BEST!
Our friend Tony at his amazing Thai food restaurant.. Three Point
We stayed in a flat a block down the street from Harrods
The Church is true no matter where you are. We even ran into a friend from Mike's parents' ward!

Best place ever. Mike swears he is going to open one in the U.S. one day
Our home for two weeks
Our nightly stop at the Deseret Room in Harrods
One of the gargoyles that "guard" the city
In Purdey's famous room that has hosted royalty around the world
Plays and European candy go hand in hand... I promise it wasn't all mine!
A slice of Kate and Will's wedding cake
Harrod's food hall is a busy place weekend nights
Stroll home from church
Best steak Mike has ever had
Harrods has the best desserts I've ever had
SkyFall at the Odeon Theater where they have movie premiers
Purdey's made a pair of mini guns for a past King and kept one. It completely functions as a normal gun and even has bullets!
Harrods had the most amazing Disney displays in the windows. Each had a fancy designer gown.

The Crown Jewels were amazing!
We were so sad to leave. Two weeks was not long enough!

These pictures do not do London, or our trip, any justice. 

Mike's sleeping habit was the joke during the entire trip. I barely experienced jet lag because I was good about sleeping on the way over and forcing myself to stay awake when I should and go to bed at the right time. Mike however, stayed up all night so he spent most of his days sleeping. He fell asleep pretty much everywhere. We captured just a few of these times :)

On the train ride to Paris
On the boat ride down the London river
At our flat
On the bus
In the taxi
Before dinner
During plays
I should have known he was in trouble when he even fell asleep in the airport BEFORE we left the U.S.


  1. amazing pictures! hahah i loved the end of this post..mike sleeping everywhere is hilarious! jealous you guys got to go to london!

  2. Next time you come to London let me know! Blogger meet up!

  3. Your pictures are awesome! I love London so much, too! I went January 2011 and we are going back this summer! I cannot wait!

  4. i would live there if i could. best city in the world.

  5. Stalking your blog! I am going to London next week...definitely going to Harrods! You are beautiful, good luck with the pregnancy.