Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my instagram list

If you have instagram, you know about the "things that people don't know about me" that is going around. I decided that it was kind of dumb [for no reason at all] and that I wasn't going to do it just because everyone else was. In reality, I'm probably the lame one for not doing it, but I can be stubborn [see below!] and didn't want to cave. So... I'm just going to make a random little list on here :)

1. I love writing. Keeping a journal is a wonderful thing and does so much good. I'm not the most consistent, but my journals are prized possessions of mine. I figure a blog is a good way to keep track of things to look back on.
2. I love my family more than life itself. They are the best people and friends I could ever hope to know and have.
3. Mike and I had quite the interesting courtship. He liked me. I thought he was a jerk. I fell for him. He was busy dating a hundred girls. He told me he loved me. I had a boyfriend. It all worked out in the end though :)
4. I use to want to be a doctor when I was a kid. That all ended when I passed out and got a concussion when I saw my brother get an IV.
5. I have a slight addition to nail polish [essie to be exact]. Every time I go into the drug store, Target, or anywhere else with polish, I can't resist coming out with my nails painted in all different colors.
6. I love children's books. I'm nowhere near having kids yet, but I already have a little collection and am always tempted to buy them whenever I see them. I have to stop myself from going to Barnes & Noble every day and picking a few up :) 
7. When I start reading a book, I can't put it down. I read the seventh Harry Potter book in a day. All three Hunger Games books over a weekend.
8. Speaking of reading, I get really attached to characters. I cried during the last Harry Potter book. I literally feel like I grew up with them and was so sad I wouldn't be apart of their lives anymore.
9. My guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. I can't even begin to tell you how distraught I am that it's over. Long live Chuck & Blair.
10. When I make up my mind on something, I can be kind of stubborn.
11. I love to travel. I hope to see the world.
12. Disney Princesses are so dreamy. My movie collection is almost complete. My mom use to call me 'princess' when I was a little girl, and still sometimes does :)
13. Kate Middleton is my icon. Pure class.
14. I love all things glamorous. I wish I had an excuse to dress up in a pretty ball gown. Ellie Saab is stunning. The closest I'll come is my wedding dress, and I loved every minute I wore it.
15. When I laugh or smile too big, my eyes disappear. I hate when it gets captured on camera.
16. I want to be the perfect wife and mom.
17. Christmas is my favorite time of year. There is nothing better than the magic of Christmas.
18. I only drink water. But don't let that fool you, I'm not a health freak. I could never completely give up sugar. Frozen yogurt to be exact. 
19. I work out like crazy one month, take the next couple weeks off, and back and forth. I'm really working on my consistency!
20. I love the gospel more than anything. There is no greater joy or happiness in the world.


  1. I think we might be the same person... ha! Your dating days sounded insane! I'm addicted to Essie too, I love to travel, I only drink water as well, I can't put books down until they're finished, and Kate Middleton is the bomb. Ok I think I covered everything :)

  2. i'm with you on the instagram tag, where & why did it even start?!

  3. I love these kinds of posts... it's nice to know who is the person behind this blog. and not just all those random usual things everyone is writing about, but this... funny little things. So I'm glad you decided to write this :D


  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE Gossip Girl, too! I missed out on Season 6 because I wasn't done catching up on Season 5 and didn't want to skip ahead. I am done with Season 5 though now and can't wait to finish watching. I'm so sad that it's over :(

  5. Love this! I'm the same way with books, it's so depressing to say goodbye to characters that feel like family! Amen to chuck & blair :) I might have to start rewatching from season 1 just to get my fix..

  6. It sounds like you guys definitely had a crazy courtship story--but those are sometimes the best ones!
    Random lists of facts are fun--but I'm so with you on the attitude--"if everyone else is doing it, now I don' want to." lol. I'm ornery like that, too!

  7. btw if you want to be apart of some love sharing in this Valentine's month be sure to check out my latest post and join in :D


    xoxo, Miss B.

  8. that was a great way to be introduced to you blog..
    I can totally relate to getting attached to story book or tv characters.. they stay with me for weeks after I have closed the book.. but unfortunately I don't have the luxury to devour books in a day anymore..

  9. I totally think you should do a post focused specifically on your and your hubby dating, the proposal, and all that fun stuff. haha. I love stories like that and from the short little teaser you gave us up there it sounds like it could be funny! haha. After the first date with my husband, we both though "it'll never work..." then something happened! hahaha

  10. What an awesome post!!! I loved reading all about you.

  11. I am addicted to Essie nail polish myself. I've found that the best way to buy them is in the small bottles. You can get a pack of four different colors. Nail polish tends to go dry or get gooey after a while. So getting a smaller bottle just make sense :).

  12. we'd talked about books a while back... i've another one for you: the language of flowers by vanessa diffenbaugh. it is SO, SO good. best book i've read in a LONG time.

  13. http://www.thericefamilyblog.com/2013/02/you-like-me-you-really-like-me.html#more Hey sweets! I nominated you for a Liebster award! check it out :)

  14. Ha I love this! and I am obsessed with Kate Middleton as well, she is perfection. Love your blog seriously! you should give mine a blog make over haha

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