Tuesday, January 8, 2013

happy birthday

Happy [late] birthday to my better half! He turned 28 on New Year's Eve.

There is no better way to ring in a new year, or birthday, than with him. I can't believe it's our third together.

Three years ago, back in the days of "courtship," Mike and his friend and wife came to visit my family and I in Park City the day before his birthday and stayed the night with us. That night Mike and I had our first kiss. Because it was after midnight, technically it was on his 26th birthday :) The next day I drove back to Provo with them and we spent the day celebrating his day. That night I got my first New Year's kiss.

For his 27th birthday, we were engaged and what better way to spend it than at the happiest place on earth with my family! It was definitely my favorite New Year's Eve ever and, in my opinion, one of the best birthdays anyone could ever ask for. [I want to go for my birthday!]

Birthday #28 was spent as a married couple once again with my family. I made Mike waffles for breakfast and then he played with his new race car for awhile before going hunting with his new gun all day. This boy has the worst luck though and scratched his eye pretty bad on a branch. He was a champ despite being in so much pain. We went and got massages and then spent time with all my family, eating his favorite butterscotch cake, before we watched the ball drop in Time Square.

The day was spent celebrating Mike but also remembering my amazing aunt Fawn. She passed away last year on December 31. Just thinking of her makes me smile and even more so when I think of how lucky everyone on the other side is to have her with them.

My brothers and their friends

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  1. first let me say props to your hunny for wearing that awesome chevron button down! he is so handsome.

    and I'm so glad that I came to visit your blog! I am loving reading through everything and will definitely be following along. :)