Friday, June 27, 2014

paxton: five months

paxton at five months (march 4)

In case you're confused like me, these are notes from the day after he turned 4 months old until the day he turned 5 months old:
  • Your personality continues to develop so much.
  • You have a couple go-to expressions. One: a big huge grin. Two: pushing your neck down and giving a shy smile. 
  • You generally smile at strangers, if they aren't too loud.
  • You don't mind loud noises if its consistent, but startling noises scare you (basketball buzzer, blender).
  • You love to talk really loud... and sing even louder. You don't cry so you have to exercise your lungs somehow! You have the cutest voice and always have something to say. 
  • You put your hands in your mouth and curl in a ball.
  • You're turning into a momma's boy and I couldn't love it more!
  • You try to sit up all the time - when you're going to sleep, when I'm changing your diaper, in your car seat. You have strong abs! About 4.5 months old you got pretty good at it. 
  • You can sit up by yourself! But occasionally fall over.
  • You love Grandma Ranae! You smile and laugh at her and let her put you to sleep.
  • Like to sit in the bathtub (with my help) and SPLASH!
  • You've tried taking a few sips of water (you reach for my cup all the time) but I don't think you've actually swallowed any. 
  • You can stand completely by yourself when leaning on something.
  • You love to sleep on your side. 
  • You rub your eyes when you're tired and arch your back.
  • You still haven't remembered how to roll to your back (even though that's what you learned first) but you sure can roll to your stomach!
  • Hold your pacifier and examine it and put it in your mouth (or at least try).
  • Pull and eat my hair - pretty much anything you can get your hands on.
  • You love to cuddle with your blankets. You pull your blanket over your face (I always make sure you can breathe still!)
  • You're getting so active. You never sit still. 
  • You hair has started to grow!
  • You watch TV sometimes while trying to eat the remote.
  • Your favorite toy (or at least you would like it to be your toy) is our phones. You want to eat them!
  • You've started to wake up earlier (6:30-7) and are a crazy animal at night! You roll all around and hold your legs in the air and rock back and forth.
  • At 4.5 months you started to not sleep as well during the night. You use to be on a three-hour schedule during the day but then all of a sudden stopped. Now you want a bottle to take a nap and don't nap as well. You've been waking up at 5:30 for a bottle then will sleep again until 7:30. You still are much better than most though so I'm not complaining! 
  • You love to laugh and smile.
  • You LOVE peek a boo. You start laughing uncontrollably. We went on a walk and I did lunges while pushing the stroller, you thought I was playing peek a boo with you and you literally couldn't stop laughing. You couldn't breathe!
  • You love to chew on sophia the giraffe.
  • You are a slobber monster!
  • You like to play with our faces. 
  • You fall asleep holding onto your rings and don't let go.
  • You always hold on to things. When you're sitting up under your play mat you hold onto the poles. When you're in the bath you hold onto the sides. You hold the sides of your car seat. I love that you are safe :)
  • You like your jumper. You were a little unsure at first though.

^ I was supervising him to make sure he didn't fall off the counter! ^

^ Watching daddy play basketball ^

^ This little girl was born on the same day as you. Look how tall you are! ^

^ I love this picture! ^

^ Trying to sit up ^

^ You always give me the funniest faces ^

* Pictures of Paxton at this age from our trip to Vegas/CA here and pictures NOT from an iphone here *

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