Wednesday, June 18, 2014

paxton: one month

paxton at one month (nov. 4)

Paxton turned one month old! Here are some notes from Paxton's first month of life.
  • You like driving in the car. Sometimes you fall asleep, sometimes you look outside at the world. But you never complain! 
  • You sleep really well in your car seat.
  • You don't like to latch on during your feedings. We're working on it but in the meantime I'm pumping breast milk for you.
  • You make it easy on us, we don't have to warm your bottles up! You drink them just fine at room temperature. 
  • You're starting to find your hands! You haven't started sucking on them yet, but you will put them on your mouth. 
  • You rarely curl up tight like most babies. Instead, you stretch out as far as you can.
  • You are so animated! I love your many faces. 
  • When you fall asleep after you're done eating, you sprawl out and have your mouth wide open. It's easy to say you're in a milk coma!
  • You love your dad. You cuddle on his shoulder all the time. 
  • Around three weeks you started "coo-ing". I like to think you're talking to me!
  • When I lay you on my lap, you kick my stomach and push yourself off. You are so strong!
  • You have the strongest little newborn neck in the world. At one week, you were moving your head all around! When we lay you on our shoulders, you ALWAYS look up at us. And you lift your head up and turn it side to side. 
  • You stare so deeply. It's as if you're looking into our souls. I know that you know us. 
  • You grip my fingers so tight.
  • You cross your eyes (but we still love your silly face!)
  • You love to put your arms straight up in the air when you sleep and eat.
  • You have the biggest and cheesiest smile! But we usually just get to see it when you're asleep :)
  • Just like when I was pregnant with you, you get the hiccups a lot.
  • You're just like your dad and love water. Bath time is your favorite, as long as you aren't cold!
  • You rarely cry.
  • Being a new mom, I get scared bringing you places but we have tried to take advantage of the weather before it gets too cold and go on walks. You love your car seat and stroller so you usually just fall asleep. 
  • I never get anything done because when you fall asleep on me, I never want to move you! I just want to soak in that moment forever. 
  • This past month has been a blur, but it is easily the best month of my life. But with you baby boy, I have a feeling I'm going to say that every month :) 

Three Day Old Stats:
8.27 pounds - 71%
21.7 inches - 99%
14.5 head circumference - 95%

Two Week Old Stats:
8.82 pounds - 59%
22 inches - 97%
14.5 head circumference - 85% 

I laid awake last night next to you on the couch and just stared at my precious boy. As I looked at you, I couldn’t believe that I was your mother, and you my perfect son. You are so content and so happy. You rarely cry. When you do, it’s always your dad’s or my fault (changing your diaper, bathing you). Your favorite thing to do is open your eyes big and bright when you’re on our shoulder and stare up at us. It’s my favorite thing in the world. We lock eyes and just gaze at each other. We always have to be careful though because you are SO strong and love to move your head around and look out at the world! You impress us so much and you will never know how much your dad and I love you.

It amazes me how I grow to love you more and more every day. Every night as Mike and I sit on the couch and watch you peacefully sleep, I can’t help but repeatedly say, “I just want to eat him alive!” I have never seen a more beautiful baby boy. I give you so many kisses! I want to squeeze you and love you all the time! Your little personality is developing more and more by the day. You are sweet, peaceful, playful, calm. You make my life so easy! You like to wake up a lot at night (more so when daddy watches you - but I think it’s because he sneaks and puts his suckers in your mouth!) but you sleep up to four hours sometimes. You are the most marvelous thing to watch when you sleep. I love cuddling with you! You are the best cuddler in the world - it’s easily my favorite thing. You bring me so much joy and happiness. People say having a baby is the hardest thing you’ve ever done. It is hard sometimes, but I don’t think of it like that at all. You really are an incredible baby. 

^ The many faces of Paxton ^

^ We love these BIG stretches! ^

^ I can't believe you're already getting too big for my lap ^

^ Always dreaming sweet things ^

^ Admiring the pretty trees up Provo Canyon ^

^ Halloween! We dropped the ball on costumes. But when you're as cute as you, you don't need one. ^

^ Your first BYU football game ^

^ Sundance ^

^ Leaving the hospital vs. 3 weeks old ^

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