Friday, June 27, 2014

vegas and california (feb)

In February we went to Vegas for SCI (Safari Convention International). I might not be quite as interested as Mike is in it, but it's still really fun to look around at all the cool stuff! Vegas is definitely a lot different with a baby but Paxton did great and we had fun. We were there for a couple plans that me and Paxton caught a ride on the plane with my grandparents to Santa Maria for a couple days at home with my family. We had fun playing with grandma ranae and uncle steele!

^ Chillin watching cartoons ^

^ Grandma let Paxton pick out whatever jammies he wanted and he couldn't keep his eyes off these dino ones :) ^

^ It doesn't get any cooler than this ^

^ Just staring out at the world ^

^ my little man ^

^ this guy flies in style - private plane, don't mind if we do! ^

^ on the way home we lucked out with an entire row to ourselves ^

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