Thursday, June 26, 2014

paxton: four months

paxton at four months (feb. 4)

In case you're confused like me, these are notes from the day after he turned 3 months old until the day he turned 4 months old:

  • Just a couple days after you turned 3 months you rolled over! You started rolling over from your stomach to your back. You did this for awhile first but now you can roll from your back to your stomach nonstop1 Every time we put you on your back you quickly roll to your tummy. Only problem, you start to fake cough and sound like you're being tortured once on your stomach haha and you "forgot" how to roll back over! What happened my friend? So, I help you back over, only to have you immediately roll back to your stomach. And over and over we go. Silly goose. When you're sitting up on the couch you sometimes fall over and will roll onto your stomach and then to your back and keep going.
  • You talk to me so much.
  • You're camera shy! You smile and laugh but once I pull out the camera you stare at me with a blank face. But you do love to stare at yourself in the mirror or when I turn the camera around so you can see yourself. 
  • Stare at our food - someone is getting ready to start eating!
  • You're getting really coordinated with your hands. You play with toys so well. 
  • You laugh and smile like nobodies business!
  • Don't nap a lot but we're working on it! You sleep through the night great though (you go to bed between 9-10 and wake up between 7-7:30) You toss and turn sometimes but if I put your pacifier back in your mouth you go back to sleep.
  • Fall asleep best when sucking on your pacifier or fingers
  • You LOOOOVE sucking on your fingers still - not your thumb, just your fingers and fists. And sometimes even BOTH hands at the same time.
  • You interlock your fingers and its the cutest.
  • You like to have your head tickled when falling asleep
  • You stood up all by yourself! Only for a second, but still!
  • You have the sweetest smile that melts my heart.
  • You try to eat everything... the remote and my phone mostly, oh and my fingers! You chew on them and then will start sucking so hard.
  • You're absolutely perfect. Everyone comments on what a great baby you are and how lucky we are.
  • You try rolling over in the bathtub and when I'm changing your diaper. It makes it kindof hard!
  • You can almost sit up by yourself! When you're sitting on the couch you always lean forward and fall over though.
  • Follow a pretty good 3 hour schedule - wake, eat, play, sleep, eat, play, etc.
  • You can hold your paci in your hand and have even put it in your mouth.
  • You love curling up with your blanket. You hold it close and put it up by your face.
  • Your hair is still a masterpiece. It went from baby mullet to baby fuzzball. It's short and sticks straight up. We laugh but we love it. 
  • Side note: I'm down to pumping five times a day now (four during the day and once at night) I feel grateful that I haven't had to worry about a low supply.

You are so advanced! It is crazy to me. You can completely roll over both ways. Whenever we lay you on your back on your play mat, you immediately roll to your tummy! Dad and I looked up when babies can roll over last night.. 4 months for tummy to back and 5-6 months for tummy to back. You are barely 3 1/2 months! You are already an over-achiever :)

You make my heart smile. You are my sunshine. You are my happy place. I was looking at you while you were asleep last night and my heart about burst with the love I felt for you in that exact moment. The look on your face - I have never seen anything sweeter or more innocent in my entire life.

You were blessed today (read about it here)! But it is truly YOU that blesses our lives. 

^ That SMILE ^

^ He's perfect ^

^ Love this cheese ball ^

^ He's already sticking his tongue out at me, great! ^

^ I about died when I saw this on instagram while I was gone one evening ^

^ This is what I wake up to. He just lays there waiting for me to get up :) ^

^ Like I said, he loves to stare at himself ^

^ Rollie pollie ^

^ Another infamous picture I got sent while at the gym one night ^

^ Mike's the best babysitter haha ^

^ Sweet dreams ^

^ He rarely does this anymore so I was soaking it up big time! ^

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