Thursday, June 26, 2014

paxton: three months

paxton at three months (jan. 4)

 By three months old you: [incase you're confused like me, these are notes from the day he turned two months old to the day he turned three months]
  • Have great head/neck control. But to be honest, that started way back during month 1 and it got significantly better a couple weeks before turning three months old.
  • Run, run, run! On your back that is. It's so fun to watch you move your legs so fast. It looks like you are so excited!
  • Still love eating your fingers. You try to stick your whole hand in your mouth. Sometimes it's just one finger, sometimes it's a couple, and sometimes you stick your entire hand in there! Recently we started to think you were maybe teething a little. You love to suck your fingers but you also love to CHOMP on them too. You prefer your fingers to your paci at the moment. 
  • Make me laugh when I change your diaper. You hold both arms straight up in the air, with both legs sticking straight up as well - all fours in the air! And then you roll back and forth. It makes changing your diaper quite the adventure. You love to get your diaper changed though - you talk and talk.
  • Right after you turned 2 months old you started to roll onto your sides. You look like you want to roll over!
  • You're becoming more aware of yourself in the mirror. 
  • You still kick your blanket off most nights.
  • Sleeping through the night! By week 8-9 you started sleeping about 8 hours in a row and even get up to 10 on occasion. We love you!
  • You love everybody.  You make everybody feel special and loved. Everyone always says, "he liked me so much!" but secretly we smile because you really just like everyone :)
  • You smile and talk all the time. I love our conversations.
  • You try to laugh and make squeaky noises. It's my favorite. You fake cough sometimes too.
  • You like to be carried up against my shoulder now (unlike when you were a newborn). You can look around now.
  • You have the strongest legs and LOVE to stand up. It's your favorite position to be in. I think you must be getting tired but nope, you never want to sit down.
  • Your favorite toy is shine a light freddie that grandma ranae bought you. You could stare at it all day (and do). You immediate start to kick and talk (and pretty much spaz out) when you see it. It always cheers you up. You can grab at it and can sometimes get ahold of it! You can pull it into your body and hold onto it.
  • You're getting a lot better hand-eye coordination.
  • You hold your arms up in the air and just gaze at your hands. You're fascinated by them.
  • You're now a drooler and have started to lick things. 
  • You can (somewhat) push your paci back into your mouth.
  • You're in your 3-6 month clothes. You are sooo long but a little skinny.
  • You make everyone happy!
  • Sleep on your side.
  • Love to sit up on the couch.


I can’t believe how blessed I am to have you as my baby. You are about as close to perfect as I can imagine. You did wonderful in Hawaii, even with the time change. We shared a room with your cousins Gwen (4) and Reese (2) and you did better than them sleeping through the night (no offense to them - we LOVE them)! You never complain and are so mellow. You let me do the things I need to do and sit so patiently waiting for me. You entertain yourself (with your hands) and are so low-maintenance. Every now and then you like to be held after you’ve been laying down for awhile and that’s about it! It made me so sad one day when I was taking a shower while you were in your car seat. You got a little sad so I picked you up and you quickly got a big smile on your face. You just didn’t want to be forgotten about! Little boy, you will NEVER be forgotten. You are more loved, by me, your dad, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, your cousin Gwen… then you will EVER know. YOU ARE LOVED. My heart is more full than I could have ever dreamed. I never knew I could feel so deeply and so much for someone so tiny. You are my world and my everything. I want you to stay my little baby for the rest of your life. But I know that with each day my love for your grows more and that as you grow we have even more fun together. But I will never forget the sweet tender moments we have, just me and you, talking, playing, laughing, and just gazing into each other’s eyes. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the greatest gift of all - you. 

^ Your smile melts my heart! ^

^ Your cousin Gwen LOVES you ^

^ You were so happy to see dad after we were away from him for a few days ^

^ You weren't too amused with pictures ^

^ One of my favorite pictures. You are so cute! ^
* More pictures of Paxton at this age from Hawaii and Christmas in California here *

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