Tuesday, June 24, 2014

paxton: two months

paxton at two months (dec. 4)

My sweet baby boy, you turned TWO months old today! Here are some notes from when you were one month old. During the last month:
  • You got sick for the first time. You were so mellow and we could tell you didn't feed good. You struggled to breathe because of your stuffy nose and you had a cough. And yet, you still were the sweetest baby and never complained by crying. You just layed there and were peaceful.
  • We still keep your hands covered to keep you warm (you don't like to be swaddled so your hand are free and were getting so cold at night). You are starting to put your hands in your mouth so your sleeves are often wet.
  • You're starting to be more aware of things. You look for us when you hear our voices. You stare at your toys and love sounds. You are already smart!
  • You have found your hands! You clinch your wrists and examine them close by your face. You struggle to fit the whole thing in your mouth, but you try :) You sometimes try so hard that you hit yourself in the face.
  • You are the definition of a HAPPY baby.
  • You are strong! You lock your legs and love to stand up (umm what, you were only a month old doing this!) You are always moving your head and neck around. When we lay you on your stomach you can hold your head up high.
  • You love to explore and look around. You observe everything.
  • You smile and talk all the time. Especially in the morning. 
  • You love to play and be talked to. When you're fussy (which is rare) you usually just want to be picked up and then you're happy. 
  • You can follow things with your eyes. 
  • You have frequent "dance" parties where you kick and move around like crazy. We love it and think it's the funniest thing. I'm just worried you're going to hurt yourself!
  • You are so active. But you can be so mellow too.
  • You smile a ton at people, but always at your dad.
  • You still looooove to stretch out your arms above your head
Two Month Old Stats:
24.25 inches - 96%
11 pounds 12.5 ounces- 44%
15.5 head circumference - 64%

You are a traveling boy! A day after you turned one month, we hopped on a plane with dad and grandma and grandpa weekes and went to Florida! I was so worried how you would do on the plane because I didn’t want you to get sick. I was right, you got sick on the way home :( You did awesome on the plane though! You slept some of the time (it’s a LONG flight!) and the rest of the time you just stared out the window and looked around. You love to explore. You were great while we were there. Grandma kept saying how amazed she was with what a happy, easy baby you are. Thank you my sweet child!
Dad left us for the first time since you were born! Luckily he just left for about 36 hours :) You woke up so much last night, I know you’re still not feeling good. I’m tired but when I look at you, it all goes away. We’ve been getting up around 6:30-7 and we lay on the floor and read books and play with animals. You make my life better. You make my life happy. You are my everything! I look forward to every day with you and am so blessed to get to be with you all day. You are my best friend and I can’t wait for the many years and memories we have to come. I can’t believe I get to be your mom and that you are my sweet son. Dad and I can’t believe you came into our lives this perfect little angel. You mean the world to us. I was a little worried about being overwhelmed and getting the baby blues because I’ve heard so many people get it. But Paxton, I have never been sad or depressed. I get tired and yes, sometimes I feel like it’s a lot to do (mostly because I have to pump too), but you make it so easy on me and make me as HAPPY as I’ve ever been. I could look at you all day every day (and I do!). I love you. I want to be the best mom in the entire world to you. You deserve everything. You are the perfect cuddledr! I never want to put you down! You fit so perfectly in my arms. I hate that I have to pump after I feed you. Otherwise I would hold you forever. Last night was night two of about three hours of sleep for me. As I changed your diaper at 5:30 you layed there with your big wonderful eyes and gave me the biggest smile. It made everything better. You're already taking care of me. Thank you for giving me just what I need.

You are so big. I can't believe how much you have grown. Please stop! Stay my little tiny baby forever. I already know the time is going to pass by too fast. But I am excited to continue getting to know your personality and spend forever with you. This morning during tummy time you were holding your head so high! You are strong. I'm so proud of you. 

You're two months old today. You have grown up so much and so fast. On the plane ride home you were perfect once again. I was staring at you and your beautiful spirit and my heart wanted to burst with the love I have for you. Nothing like flying to Florida and to California before you were two months old! You've been coast to coast! The last two months have been the happiest of my life because of you. You are kind, sweet, gentle, playful, loving, and so very wonderful.

^ You first flight! The day you turned one month ^

^ Only a month old and already tired of my pictures ^

^ You already have a personality and I love it ^

^ Still sleeping with your arms up above your head ^

^ The many faces of Paxton ^

^ I'm glad someone is happy waking up for the day at 5 am ^

^ The first time you found your mouth! ^

^ I die ^

* More pictures from Florida and  Thanksgiving in California here *

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