Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Last week was filled with sports and I couldn’t have been happier. Tuesday night Mike had a basketball game, Wednesday he had a football game, Thursday I worked the BYU baseball game, Friday I worked the BYU men’s tennis match all day followed by another generous night out at the Jazz game courtesy of Mike’s boss, Saturday morning Mike had a basketball game before I enjoyed the sun all day at the men’s tennis match for work. And of course we supported our favorite NBA teams, the Heat and Thunder, during their games. Talk about a hard decision to know who to rout for when they played each other!

Ever since I saw the Hunger Games I’ve been dying to read the books. I really liked the movie, and a book is always better than its movie! I ordered the set and finished all three over the weekend. I think Mike was bored during those couple of days because every spare minute I had you could find me glued to my books. I love to read and it’s been so long since I’ve read anything besides a school book. I’m trying to figure out what book to read next. There’s nothing better than reading a book outside during summer.

We had a wonderful Easter! Alexis sang a beautiful rendition of “I Stand All Amazed” during her sacrament. I love the words of that hymn! I love Easter and remembering my Savior’s Atonement and that He lives. There are so many wonderful talks on the Atonement, but one that stands out to me is “But for a Small Moment” by Elder Neal A. Maxwell. He gave it awhile back at a BYU devotional. A friend showed it to me last fall and I haven’t stopped being drawn to it. I missed being with my family this Easter but am grateful to have a wonderful family here. 

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