Thursday, July 26, 2012


My sister Shelby had a birthday this month... 21! In honor of her special day, I made one of her favorites - a cake with lots and lots of sprinkles. It was pretty to look at, and even yummier to eat. Happy birthday to the most incredible girl in the world.

I attempted to use a recipe I found, but didn't have the time (or patience) to make the cake from scratch, so I cheated and used a store-bought vanilla cake mix. It still turned out amazing though! If you're feeling extra ambitious I highly recommend going for the gold and using the full recipe.

Thank you Sweetapolita for this fun recipe!


  1. yum! I seriously love cake and that is making my mouth water!!


  2. That's my kind of cake. Happy Birthday cute Shelby! I love all the Powell pictures. You need to be a professional photographer. Your camera takes great pics. We had so much fun being by your family. P.S. You are a natural beauty. Seriously looked stunning even in Powell. Thanks for being so sweet with my girls. Love you!

  3. I just saw this..thank you!:) I probably ate half of the cake haha