Thursday, January 30, 2014

florida: november 2013

The day Paxton turned one month old we jumped on a plane and headed to Florida. I was extremely hesitant at first. Mike was going for work, along with his parents, and they suggested Paxton and I tag along. I was still adjusting to everything and getting on a long plane ride and taking my baby to a new place wasn't super appealing at first. BUT, in the end we ended up being brave and going and I'm glad we did.

The plane ride was great! I don't know what we did but we lucked out with getting a great little traveler. He couldn't have been better. He didn't make a single noise during the long flights. We were fortunate enough to be able to take his car seat on all four legs of the trip (there and back) because of empty seats and it made such a difference. He sleeps like a baby in it :) Honestly, the hardest part of the entire trip was figuring out my pumping schedule! [he never quite figured out how to latch on so I exclusively pump] 

^Paxton was so interested in the windows. And yes, we had to represent BYU all the way in Florida^

It was right around the time Utah was getting cold so it was so nice to be in the warm weather! We went on walks and got to enjoy not being bundled up. We ate (waaay too much) yummy food, played in the sand, water skied, fished, saw manatees, played with sharks at the Tampa Bay Aquarium, explored Longboat Keys, and enjoyed a week together in paradise. 

 ^ Paxton's first time to the beach ^

^ Sleeping while dad water skied on the river ^

^ Enjoying no pants weather! ^

^ Helping dad work. He is so alert for a month old baby! ^

^ Sleeping like a baby :) ^

^ Tampa Bay Aquarium ^

^ Lunch on the beach in Longboat Keys. It is absolutely beautiful! ^

Paxton was just the best little buddy during the trip. He was still getting up in the night and was up a little too early for my liking in the morning (especially with the time change) but nobody is perfect ;) Mike's parents couldn't believe how good he was. He's up for anything! The only hiccup we had was the day we got home, Paxton got a little cold for a few days. Weather in Utah is not quite as good as in Florida!

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