Tuesday, June 26, 2012

california coastal

We've had the ultimate California adventure the last 12 days! We enjoyed beautiful La Jolla before experiencing first-class service at the Montage in Laguna Beach, finishing off an incredible trip at my favorite place in the world - home.

While I've been to San Diego a handful of times, it was my first time in La Jolla and I fell in love. The Beach and Tennis Club is right on the beach and surrounded by fun little places to eat.

Alexis and I loved our morning runs! I forgot how much easier it is to run in the low altitude!
I had to steal this picture from Tanner because I absolutely love it. These boys are so dang cute!

Saturday we ventured to Rancho Santa Fe (another amazing place), to the Bertha's for Alex's homecoming and Andrew's farewell. Alex came home from Mexico while they were sending off Andrew to Brazil (where Michael served!). It was my first time meeting Alex, but Andrew is an incredible young man and going to make the most amazing missionary. We love the Bertha's! They have the most beautiful home and Al thought of the neatest things when building it.

The trip wouldn't have been complete without a stop at Sea World. We had the best time! Shamu was a favorite, but if you're ever at Sea World, you can't miss the Cirque show. It was incredible - a Vegas show on water.

Brotherly love, David locking Michael out of the room.  

After five fun days in La Jolla, we traveled north to Laguna Beach. We've heard countless amazing things about the Montage and couldn't pass up the opportunity to stay there. The rumors are true, it's unbelievable. 

We had dinner with a friend of Michael's and his family who live in Emerald Bay. It's a beautiful beach community in Laguna, and Michael's dream place to live. I was happy to finally see it after hearing so much about it; it lived up to all the hype! The family is taking the missionary discussions and we had the opportunity to sit in on one of their lessons. It's a wonderful thing to be out in the mission field, spreading the gospel. It's crazy how small the church can be sometimes, everyone is connected. One of the missionary's dad's was Michael's dad's trainer! Brad had a great time talking to the Elder about New Zealand. 

After a couple days in paradise, we headed north one more time for my home. It was Tanner and David's first time up there. We were sad to say bye to Alexis in Long Beach who had to come home for a final. Unfortunately, I got sick the last day in Laguna so spend the first day and a half in bed at home while the rest of the family played on the ranch, shooting trap, riding razors, fishing, and more. My mom is the kindest and stayed with me and took care of me, like always. 

The sweetest part of the trip was having Grandma and Grandpa Hammond there with us in Santa Maria. They came to speak to our ward and give a stake fireside. We are so blessed to have them, their love, and their burning testimonies of the Savior. They have experienced so much, living across the world for the church, and have an infinite amount of knowledge and faith. 

I couldn't have asked for a better trip! It's nice to be home for a little bit though, to catch up before we're off on our next adventure!


  1. What a perfect vacation. Those pictures of Laguna are incredible. I love the beach! You two are world travelers. Can't wait to be with you in Lake Powell!

  2. whit I miss you. So nice to have a way to catch up on what you've been doing. So jealous of these pictures, they look gorgeous! hope you are well and having a wonderful summer :)