Tuesday, June 5, 2012

viva las vegas

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Mike and I took a little weekend trip to Vegas for some business. Chase and Mckenzie and their cute girls were down there too so I got to play with them while the boys worked. We played at the pool and had tons of fun. Those girls are so precious and I'm grateful to have them as nieces! Mike is so great with them and going to make an amazing dad one day.

I love taking pictures, but for some reason just didn't this weekend. Mike even made a joke about it one night and said I was slacking on my instagram pictures (kind of embarrassing). So... I pulled out my phone and snapped some after dinner. I couldn't let him down :) I had never been to Brio so we went to this cute little shopping center in North Vegas and enjoyed an amazing dinner, pretty lights, and gorgeous architecture. If you haven't been to Brio, you're missing out. It's incredible!

Of course the trip wasn't complete without a trip to Serendipity! I seriously LOVE that place. Besides the fact that the frozen hot chocolate is heavenly, it just makes me happy! The movie is one of my all-time favorites which is definitely a big reason I love it so much too. Mike was sweet to take me. He said he was taking me somewhere and didn't tell me where. I was happy he had the same idea as me :)

We hung out at the Forum shops at Caesars Palace on Saturday. I love how they designed it, it's such a cool place. We picked up some silver Tory Burch sandals while we were there, I was a happy girl! We were at Mandalay Bay and we thought it'd be cool to check out the shark reef. It was really neat! I loved seeing all the sea life. Sharks are amazing to watch... Behind glass!

I can't get enough of this girl. She fell asleep with Cheetos in her mouth and her hand in the bag :)

Thanks for a great weekend Mike, Chase, and McKenzie!

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  1. ahh we love that shopping center! looks like you guys had such a fun weekend!