Friday, March 2, 2012

happiest place on earth

Mike and I will forever be kids at heart... and Disneyland will always be one of our absolute favorite places! After an incredible trip to Hawaii with the Weekes, we were lucky enough to spend the second half of Christmas break with my family. After a few adventurous days at home on the ranch, we travelled down to Disneyland. We spent New Year's Eve (Mike's birthday!!) at the wonderful world of Disney. We capped off the day ringing in the New Year with an incredible Disney fireworks show. Of course, around 1 a.m., Mike and I were still ready for more, so the two of us stayed and enjoyed the new water show. It was unreal! I love that my cute husband loves those things just as much as me :) It was the perfect way to the end the day.

Our faces are priceless

Who doesn't love the happiest place on earth?!

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  1. love this you two are so cute!! jealous you got to be there on new years, i bet it was so fun!