Sunday, March 25, 2012


This weekend couldn't have been better! The weather is warming up and that's a sure way to bring a smile to my face! I love summer. Our friend rented out a theater at the new Thanksgiving Point Megaplex for the Hunger Games movie and invited us. They recently redid the place and it's so nice! I haven't read the books but will definitely be reading them now! Saturday, I worked the BYU women's tennis match while Mike and Trygve went golfing. The weather was perfect and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to play tennis and BBQ. Tryg cooks the best tri-tip! I love spending time with my sister and Tryg. On Sunday, we had the special blessing of going to Preston's (Mike's cousin) son Everett's baby blessing. What a sweet experience to be a part of! Sunday kept getting better as we kidnapped our niece Gwen and took her home with us. On the way home, Mike thought it would be fun to teach Gwen to drive. I can't wait to see the many fun things he decides to teach our kids :) Sunday night I went to my old apartment and it was so nice to be back! I got to catch up with the most amazing girl in the world - Whitney Floisand. I couldn't ask for a more amazing friend and example. She lights up every room she walks into and always has a smile on her face. It's impossible to be anything but happy around her. I hope to do as much good in the world as she does! Can't wait for another amazing week.

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  1. Ok Whit, you are the sweetest most thoughtful person I know! Seriously what a nice compliment from you! Having you back at the apartment on Sunday was no doubt the highlight of my week. Thanks for always being the most thoughtful, bestest friend anyone could ask for. This is my first comment on your blog, but just know I will be blowing it up soon once I get a chance to finish reading it. Such a cute blog. I love it!