Saturday, May 12, 2012


We had the most amazing time in California last week! I love any chance I get to visit my family. We're lucky to have such great friends in James and Andrea, who took us on the trip, along with Mike's parents. We have so much fun with them! We tagged along on another trip with them in February to Sun Valley, Idaho and Vegas. It was my first time in Sun Valley and it was BEAUTIFUL! Mike's family is good friends with the Osmond's so they got us tickets to see the Donny & Marie Show. It was so much fun to see them up there dancing and singing their hearts out. They were amazing!

I'm from Santa Maria, California (about 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara, on the coast) and although Santa Maria might not be much, it's one of the prettiest areas in California. I love it! It was great to drive through Santa Maria again, I hadn't been back since New Year's, but it definitely doesn't feel as much like home anymore. Especially because my family's house is 30 minutes outside of town, in the mountains (more like hills). Now THAT, will ALWAYS feel like home to me. There really is no place like home...

It was a short trip (Friday-Sunday) but just what I needed. I hadn't seen my brothers since my wedding. I honestly think that's the longest I've ever gone without seeing them. They mean the world to me! I can't even describe how excited I am to have my brother Chad in Provo. Trust me, I'd have a countdown if I knew the day he was coming (the end of June sometime). My brother Steele has grown so much since January! They are both such manly/sporty/guy's guys ever, and yet, they both have the biggest hearts of anyone you'll ever meet. I'm one lucky girl to have them in my life.

We were in LA Sunday until Tuesday. I was so happy we went to The Grove on Monday, I love that place! It's like a little shopping village, and is the prettiest and coolest place during Christmas. Monday night we went to The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel. It was one of the neatest things I've ever experienced! You only have one bite of each plate because everyone shares, so you order quite a few different things. The food is composed different than normal. For example, we ordered tortillas and they came in a small cup with different layers of egg, potato, etc. It was a tortilla deconstructed. Some of my favorites were the brussel sprouts, Phily cheesesteak and caprese salad (although it was hard to pick the top three because I loved everything!) The brussel sprouts had a lemon foam on top, the phily cheesesteak was an air bread with melted cheese in the middle and had a slice of meat on top, and the mozzarella in the caprese salad popped in your mouth into a liquid form. We were a little skeptical, but it was amazing. For dessert, you move to another table. The dessert bar was beautiful! I wish I would have brought my phone in to take pictures. We had a great time hanging out with my family and in LA but it's nice to be back!

I'm so excited to go back for Chad's graduation at the end of the month!

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  1. This looks like SO much fun Whit! Love all the cute pictures :)