Wednesday, April 10, 2013

life lately

This is Mike and I to a T! I could not stop laughing when I saw this.
Came home to shiny new boots that Mike cleaned for me!
I was a little bit on a glitter kick :)
The Valentines I made for our work party
Gwen's valentine's mask :)
Sky's adorable baby shower!
BYU's Pro Day. I couldn't be more excited for the big guy up front!
Senior night for BYU
Dutch babies with Steele
I love these silly brothers of mine
Birthday crepes with the birthday boy
My once little brother is 14 and as tall as me!!
February and March FLEW by this year. I found out I was pregnant and had a [23rd] birthday in February. My family came to visit this past week for Easter and General Conference and I loved having them here [although we out-number them in Provo now! My mom and Steele came to join me, Mike, Shelby, Trygve and Chad]. We had a beautiful Easter brunch in Sundance, my first time, and I loved it. My cousin had a baby blessing that day so we got to spend more time with family. Her little baby girl is so dang cute, and has a full head of hair! We had a great week and capped it off with Steele's 14th birthday! He is the joy and light of our lives! If you know him, you can't help but smile - which is something he is always making us do!

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