Monday, April 8, 2013

pregnancy update: week 13

Week 13

 Having a baby gets more and more real every day. I'm so excited. Some days I forget that I'm pregnant though. I look at pictures of what my baby looks like in my stomach and it reminds me that I'm growing a human being in me! I pray every day for its health and just want for everything to be ok!

We find out what we're having April 17!! AHHHH! I can't wait to know! It'll seem even more real when we know. Mike and I both feel like it's a boy, but more and more lately I think maybe a girl?? I don't know. I'm honestly not hoping for one over the other, I would be so excited for either. Both of them have perks for being first :)

Mike has been a trooper with being so nice to me. He goes out of his way to do little things and it means the world.

I'm back!! My energy that is. I still get tired during the day, but it's nothing compared to the past few weeks.

My bump grew a lot this week. I'm still in that awkward phase though where my bump is definitely there but you can't tell if I'm pregnant or just gaining weight. I struggled with it a little at first, but am embracing my growing self :)

I'm still wearing all my normal clothes, but I'm slowly eliminating pants that are just too uncomfortable when sitting at my desk at work all day. I struggle with buying bigger sizes because I won't wear them forever. I know I'm going to have to get over that one!!

I'm starting to sleep more consistently through the night! I have to FORCE myself to not guzzle down a water bottle or two late at night to keep the bathroom trips to a minimum, but it's helping!

I get really hungry, but there were a couple of days where food just didn't sound appetizing at all. Mike wanted me to go get us dinner the either night and it took me over an hour to think of somewhere that sounded somewhat good. And by the end of it all, I only ate a couple bites of mine because I didn't want it. My appetite is so hit and miss. I've more than made up for it the days that food does sound good. I've eaten out so much this week and waaayy too much with my mom here. I'm excited to get back to eating healthy!

I've been having back pains on occasion and am so itchy!

I've started using some oil on my stomach and chest and hope it will help me not get any stretch marks!

Another thing I started a couple weeks ago was re-reading the Book of Mormon and want to finish before baby blueberry comes. I used a reading chart calculator and my goal is to finish by Oct. 1. As everyone says, it's already made such a difference in my daily life.

(This was 13 weeks and 5 days)


  1. Your bump is so cute! I feel like mine popped out more this week too. And I can't wait to find out what y'all are having! That's such an exciting part! Our gender ultrasound is April 25!