Monday, April 29, 2013

pregnancy update: week 15 & 16

We lucked out and got to find out what we are having when I was 15 1/2 weeks. The day before I finally let myself think about it all and I got so excited! I think Mike was ready for me to stop reminding him that we got to find out the next day :) That day we both I started to feel like maybe we were wrong and we were having a girl. EVERYONE thought we were having a boy, myself and Mike included. 

Mike was set on us going early (45 mins early to be exact). It gave us a lot of time to talk about it all! There were three couples in front of us. The first two found out they were having boys and Mike started to "panic." He had told me he would be happy to have a girl and that it would be fun. I knew he was a little biased about having a boy, but he did a good job of acting happy about either. While we were sitting there you could tell he was getting a little stressed though as the big moment got closer. He said "we're having a girl, we're having a girl." He reassured himself, "a girl will be great." He was convinced the first two families "took" the boys. Him and the other husband waiting joked that they were left with the two girls. The couple in front of us went in, and guess what they found out they're having... a girl :) 

People have been asking me non-stop if I preferred a boy or girl and I HONESTLY mean it when I say I had no preference at all. The more kids I have, the more I'll have a preference I'm sure, as I want a boy and girl at some point. But for now, I'm just happy with a happy, healthy baby. We walked in to the room and I loved seeing Mike so into it. He plays Mr. Cool with stuff but he's going to be the best dang dad in the world and is so excited. 

The technician showed us the baby first and I couldn't believe how big it was!! I'm such a nut and was worried on the way to the office that there wouldn't be a baby in there haha  I was worried that something had happened! But to my joy, the baby was DEFINITELY in there and growing very nicely. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks because they weren't sure how far along I was, so to say the least, it was quite a difference! There is an actual human being in my stomach! Not some alien looking thing, but a real person. You start to realize more and more what a miracle pregnancy and birth are when you go through it.

Both of us knew it was a boy when she showed us the screen. She didn't even have to say it :) The next part is NOT an exaggeration... Mike GOT UP, jumped up and down, and screamed YESSS!!! I couldn't stop laughing! The poor technician was trying to take pictures of baby boy (who I can now stop calling IT and blueberry, and get to say boy!) but I was laughing and so my stomach was moving and it kept moving the picture on the screen. Oops. Mike immediately called his family on speaker phone and was freaking out. So much for being just as happy if we had a girl haha 

So I guess when people ask what I preferred, I should say boy... just for Mike's sake :) He wanted a little baby boy so bad and I'm so happy that he gets a boy to play with. Although... anyone that knows Mike, or knew him as a baby, will agree with me... I'm not sure if the world is ready for another baby Mike! When I was a toddler I LOVED puzzles and watching princess movies and Man from Snowy River (don't even get me started, so random but hey, I guess I really liked horses). I was so peaceful and quiet and just kept to myself. Well... let's just say Mike and I couldn't have been more opposite. I read books... he blew things up (literally, he blew up a man hole in the street).

We got to see baby boy's little fingers, toes and every detail of his face! We even got to see him "eating/sucking!!" He was opening and closing his mouth and it was the coolest thing. I still can't believe I have him inside of me. Mike and I agree, he's going to be a big boy! 

When we walked out of the room into the front of the office, they were having a prenatal class and it was really quiet. Well of course Mike was still high on life and calling everyone he knew to tell the news (and doing so quite loudly). Everyone in the class turned around, looked at him (while he was totally oblivious) and the instructor walked straight to me and asked me to tell him to take his phone call outside ha my sweet husband just couldn't have been more excited! I loved seeing him like that. I'm glad he shares my enthusiasm. 

Finding out what we were having just made everyone even more real. I can't wait to meet our little boy!!!

Week 15

I've turned into a paranoid mom already! I keep getting so worried about my baby and just want everything to be going ok and good!

It's crazy... My bump is a disappearing act. One day its humungous. The next day it's back to just being a pooch.

Slight headaches still. At least they aren't as bad as they were!

Slight stomach cramps and my back hurts a little... but honestly, I'm doing great. My body is changing and it's definitely different and weird, but compared to horror stories I've heard, I consider myself really lucky with how well my pregnancy has been going so far.

Baby boy, I can't wait to hold you in my arms!

Week 16

I've been waiting up around 5:30 am every day this week and have been having the hardest time going back to sleep. It makes for one very tired person!

Of course my first pregnancy "craving" is ice cream. So typical. I think I mentioned this before, but soda sounds so good to me too. Yikes! It just sounds so refreshing. I NEVER drink soda! I've been sneaking sips of Mike's drinks and it takes so good to me. What's happening?!

The bump is here to stay. I feel like it gets bigger every week day. I'm 17 weeks as I write this and it's a lot bigger than when I started week 16. I feel huge but others assure me I'm not at all. Maybe it's just me? Pretty please let it just be me! I was a little stressed about gaining weight too fast but I'm starting to embrace it. Grow baby grow!

I broke down and finally got a pair of pants with stretchy sides on them (J brand maternity jeans/pants... BUY THEM NOW! They are the best! They sit pretty low so I have to pull them up sometimes but I love them. They don't have a band all the way around, just on the sides, and they are the most comfortable things in the world. I have a feeling I will be living in these, well... forever.)  I still fit my pants but they hurt my stomach after sitting in them all day. I also have been rocking black leggings/stretchy pants (no they aren't the sheer leggings that look like tights). I'm such a baby when it comes to comfort. I love being comfortable!

I've been having a hard time not sleeping on my back! I always wake up on my back. Mike's body pillow isn't working too well!

I've been having a really bad stuffy nose at night. I read in a week-by-week book my sister-in-law let me borrow that it's pretty normal. Dang it.

No headaches this week!!!

On my way to work, hence the BYU polo shirt :)


  1. Haha that is hilarious!!! Pretty sure my husband would have the same reaction! Excited for you both and congrats on a boy!!!!

  2. Congrats!! I am so excited for you! My husband had the exact same reaction! He wanted a boy first soo bad! I hope to have a little girl one day too

  3. Lol your hubby is too funny. Congrats on your little boy!

  4. i haven't been over here in FOREVER. and since that's the case, i didn't know you were pregnant until today! go me! congratulations, whitney! i'm excited for you.

    i liked that you're embracing the changes in your body. "grow baby grow!" so cute.

    my brother has twins--a boy and a girl. and while i love my niece to pieces (she is so sweet!), my nephew cracks me up! he says the craziest stuff! lately he's taken to saying, when he's mad, "my brain is locked. i can't find my words." i don't know where he learns this stuff, but he's pretty funny. and so much fun.

  5. Yay for boys! Your husband's reaction is hilarious!!

  6. Yay! Congrats lil boys are SO fun. I cant wait to follow along!